pQ – our contribution: passion and Quality


Daniel Schorer, Founder and CEO

Greetings. My name is Daniel Schorer and  I’m happy to introduce you to pQ Hydraulik GmbH & Co. KG.

As a passionate hydraulic specialist with over 12 years of experience, I believe it is necessary to take nothing for granted, look at holistic approaches, and work with you in close collaboration to find the most suitable solutions, be they for your business or your clients.

I would be glad to answer all your hydraulics-related questions. Contact us to find out the range of services and products pQ Hydraulik offers.

Our company

Our Business was founded in 2020 and is located in Konstanz on the beautiful Lake of Constance.

Our strategy is pretty simple: being the single best independent producer and partner for hydraulic valves and manifolds; and finding the best solution for your application’s requirements. We combine our focus on control systems with the implementation of hydraulic rotary actuators. In comparison to the typical cylinders the many advantages of these elements are convincing.

We focus primarily on:

  • Customized solutions for hydraulic valves and manifolds.
  • The use of hydraulic components that best fulfill your needs.
  • The use of our closest partners’ turn- and rotary actuators in the DACH-region

Our motivation

Our broad network of trustworthy clients and partners along with our years-long experience with hydraulic systems motivated us to found our own business. We focus on a close and sustainable cooperation aimed at benefitting you in the long run.

We see the currently evolving, societal, structural change as an opportunity for both you and us to develop your application to be more energy efficient and have a greater focus on functional safety.  For example, the electrification of mobile machines or the incorporation of fuel cell technology as a primary energy source, lead to a rethinking of the whole powertrain system. And legal requirements to reach the urgently needed climate targets of tomorrow require established systems and standard solutions to be re-thought through.

Since we are not bound to the legacy standards of big manufacturers, we can offer you the unique solution you really need to bring you further into this global change.