Hydraulic applications are one of the biggest supply industries in the world. Hydraulic solutions are present in countless applications, quite often without you even knowing it. As a powerful and dynamic driver, hydraulics operate with consistent reliability and carry persons and machines with a feeling of safety and comfort. 

Our long-term experience includes a broad range of different applications, spanning both mobile vehicles as well as industrial applications.

We would be happy also to support you in your needed application.


Construction machinery

One major field of hydraulic application consists of construction and logistics machinery. Strong movements and component sturdiness are the primary requirements for these applications.

Select components with the highest demand on pressure, endurance, and durability are combined with robust materials for housings and manifolds. Together we make sure that you and your users can work more powerfully and dependably each day.

Exemplary applications of construction machinery
  • Excavators and attachements
  • Concrete pumps and mixers
  • Piledrivers and drilling rigs
  • Underground mining
  • and many more

Material handling and communal vehicles

Two of the top priorities in the field of communal and material transport vehicles are precision and accuracy. Whether moving or lifting heavy loads, spreading grit, or the emptying a trash can into a garbage truck: precision is the primary factor for success.

We work with you to analyze your particular requirements and develop a customized hydraulic system so you and your clients will be excited about the look, feel, functionality, and precision of the resulting system. We explicitly focus on choosing the best components for your unique application.

Example applications of material handling and communal vehicles
  • Winter road maintenance car
  • Forklift trucks
  • Garbage trucks
  • Street sweeper
  • and many more

Industrial and stationary hydraulics

Industrial applications usually work continuously and, therefore, require greater reliability and durability as well as lower maintenance time.

Together we evaluate the particular needs of your application. On that basis we collectively decide if a classic sandwich and longitudinal arrangement in CETOP-style or an individual solution is the right choice to fulfill your expectations in regards to efficiency, thermal management, and installation space.

Example applications of industrial systems:
  • Lift tables and working platforms
  • Hydraulic presses and plastic injection systems
  • Elevators and freight lifts
  • Power plants
  • and many more

Utility vehicles and trailers

The automobile industry demands the highest standards in regards to weight and performance-optimized hydraulic systems. Such systems provide various movements either in the vehicle itself or via an attachment.

Depending on your application, we develop a solution in an open or closed hydraulic circuit. In either case, we ensure that efficiency and precision are implemented where they are actually needed.

Example applications for commercial vehicles and trailers:
  • Tail lift control
  • Tipping and loading functions
  • Steering and suspension systems
  • Car transportation and towing functions
  • and many more

Agricultural and forestry technology

Due to the conditions in the field and in nature, corrosion protection and sustainability play an important role for agricultural and forestry applications.

In order to reduce the risk of potential leakage to a minimum, selecting a suitable hydraulic system plays an important role during the design phase.  Together with you, we establish the environmental requirements of your system and select an appropriate coating and corrosion protection solution able to withstand any aggressive environmental effects.

Exemplary applications in agricultural and forestry technology:
  • Tractor drive, steering and suspension
  • Front and rear attachments
  • Vehicles for viticulture
  • Winches
  • and many more