Rotary actuators

Hydraulic rotary actuators realize a rotary movement in a defined angular range. Their main advantages are their high-precision positioning, ruggedness (due to their compact, self-contained design), and their built-in mechanisms preventing unintended movements.

In close collaboration with our partner, DAR Sales, we offer you exclusive access to a wide range of rotary actuators in several variants of the manufacturer Sungji Hydraulics Co., Ltd. in the DACH area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

About Sungji Hydraulics Co., Ltd
  • Established: 1998
  • Location: Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea
  • Number of employees: > 40
  • Sales: > 20 Mio. €
  • Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Advantages of our rotary actuators for your application:

Compact and powerful

Our actuators generate extremely high torque values up to 4,400 Nm with smallest assembly space. Since the rotary actuators are already the joint themself, no additional attachment for fastening is needed.

Precise adjustments in the angular range up to 360°

Simple realization of rotational angles between 0° and 360°. The typical ranges of these actuators are 0-180° and 0-360°, but can also be set to any angle in between. Ranges over 360° are possible on request.

Cost saving potential

Rotary movement is realized directly. As opposed to a linear solution with bearings, no additional kinematics or attachments (e.g., frames or bearings) are necessary. This reduces the amount of parts, their costs, and overall assembly time.

Steady rotary motion

Since rotary motion is generated directly, rotary speed is stable and steady.
With kinematics solved with cylinders, on the other hand, rotary speed depends on the angular position between the cylinder and the mechanics, resulting in far less precision and stability.

Robustness and durability

The self-contained construction protects itself from external contaminants like rock chippings and dirt. This means our rotary drives are highly resistant to corrosion and are long lasting in almost every environment.


As opposed to hydraulic cylinders, the self-contained construction of our rotary actuators has no exposed moving parts. This makes dangerous encounters like getting caught impossible.


We would be happy to advise you in finding the perfect choice for your application.
Customized products are available on request.

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