Valves and manifolds

pQ Hydraulik is your manufacturer and partner when it comes to your best hydraulic system designs.

We pay special attention to your application’s overall specifications in order to leverage our experience and creativity for solutions to develop the right solution for you.

We focus on:

  • Specialized solutions for hydraulic valves and proportional valves
  • Design of customized hydraulic manifolds
  • Application realization with the usage of rotary and part-turn actuators


The intelligence of a hydraulic system is significantly influenced by the hydraulic control. With a good hydraulic scheme, you gain the advantages of functionality, weight and energy savings, space optimization and functional safety in your application.

It is of particular importance to us to consider your application as an overall picture in order to design the optimal manifold for your application in close collaboration with you.

We use a selected portfolio of our partner network as well as our own product development for special valves in order to achieve the optimal solution for your application.

Hydraulic valves

With our network of select suppliers and partners, we are able to offer you a wide range of hydraulic, solenoid and proportional valves. We act independently and put explicit focus on choosing the best components in the global field of hydraulics. We believe that every supplier has its strength in its specific field, so we value, recommend, and check competitive ability regularly.

What you can expect:

You’ll get the best mix of hydraulic valves on the market through one single source: pQ Hydraulik. You’ll benefit from our experience and expertise and also save hours of time-consuming research consisting of making requests at several different vendors.

Customized valves for your application

When off-the-shelf components just won’t cut it, we develop customized valves and proportional valves for your specific requirements. With our many years of experience developing hydraulic valves, we will be your partner for the whole range of hydraulic seat und spool valves.

Our valves can be realized as cartridge, parts-in-body or CETOP sandwich mounting solutions. We are looking forward to realizing your project with the solution that works best for you.

Valve types

Directional valves

5/3-, 4/3-, 4/2-, 3/3-, 3/2-, 2/2- directional spool valves , 3/2-, 2/2-poppet valves in various normal positions, including normally open, normally closed, and floating position.

Pressure valves

Pressure relief valves, pressure reducing valves, pressure sequence valves, 3-way pressure compensators, 2-way pressure compensators, pressure shut-off valves, preload valves, pressure relief valves with anti-cavitation function, and many more.

Volume flow valves

Throttle valves, throttle check valves, volume flow controllers, volume flow limiters, orifices, nozzles, gap filter nozzles, flow dividers, 3-way flow controllers, 2-way flow controllers, and many more.

Shut-off valves

Check valves, unlockable check valves, lockable check valves, twin check valves, shuttle valves, drain valves, and many more.

Special valves

Counterbalance valves, Hot oil shuttle valves, discharge valves, filling valves, logic elements, and many more.

Technical Design

Hydraulic control:

Solenoid operated, proportional actuated, hydraulic piloted, fixed and variable adjustable.

Manual operation

Manual override as push pin, fixed adjustable, hand lever, and many more.


NBR, Viton and special sealings on request


zinc-plated, zinc-nickel, anodized, and other coatings on request

connector type:

DIN, Deutsch, AMP-Junior, cable leads and others on request

Coil voltage:

24 V DC, 12 V DC and others on request